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The Milwaukee Organic Gardening Club

has been around since 1954. Our purpose is to promote organic gardening methods by following four basic principles:

  1. Help maintain and preserve the land by natural methods
  2. Place back into the soil that which is taken out
  3. Prevent the misuse of poisonous sprays and chemicals
  4. Work with nature's laws and her controls on balancing the environment around us.  The use of "quick-fix" methods including the wide-spread misapplication of synthetic chemicals may temporarily solve some gardening problems, however, only the use of low input, sustainable procedures and materials can provide a long term answer to recurring gardening problems.

Our main concern is to, not only learn about, but also to teach both directly and also by example, common sense gardening.  Organic gardeners choose to make use of those materials and follow those practices which will have a minimal impact upon the environment and enhance the quality of the vegetables grown.  They believe that every gardener should willingly accept the challenge to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost as their own gardener's guide.

River Revitalization Foundation

The mission of the River Revitalization Foundation is to establish a parkway for public access, walkways, recreation and education, bordering the Milwaukee, Menomonee and Kinnickinnic Rivers; to use the rivers to revitalize surrounding neighborhoods; and to improve water quality.

From the past to the future, we are committed to the return of this vital natural resource for all as Milwaukee's urban rivers land trust.

Our Vision:
The River Revitalization Foundation advocates environmental conservation, public access and sensitive recreation in metro Milwaukee’s river watersheds.

To address critical land use issues and further the greenway concept, our primary focus includes ensuring:

  • Public access
  • Preservation of the River Valley
  • Preservation of green space in a dense urban area
  • Riparian buffers against encroaching development
  • Links with neighborhoods on both sides of the river
  • Conservation of critical habitat and wildlife areas